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I welcome this new initiative, which will play a significant part in getting the housing balance right in our communities.

Richard Clewer
Wiltshire Council

Types of Community Led Housing

There is no one model for Community Led Housing. Most community projects have differing characteristics and many projects will share and borrow elements of the various Community Led Housing models.

Community Land Trusts (CLTs)

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are a form of Community Led Housing, set up and run by people to develop and manage homes as well as other assets. CLTs act as long-term stewards of land and housing. In this model they may delegate the development work and/or management of the asset to a project partner such as a housing association, or the CLT may become a registered provider themselves.

For more information visit the National CLT Network.


These are groups of self-contained dwellings with the benefit of shared additional facilities which are all managed by a group. The shared facility may be a large kitchen where group meals are shared, or a hall where meetings and classes may be hosted. It can be a communal garden facility.

For more information visit UK Cohousing.


This is a form of Community Led Housing where it is built (or renovated) and managed by members of a group, with democratic collective control, to influence the scheme and its management. The tenure would be shared ownership or affordable rent.

For more information visit The Confederation of Co-operative Housing.

Community Custom and Self-build

This can be a form of Community Led Housing where there is a clear sense of community benefit, protected in perpetuity, from the development. This is where an individual or an association of individuals, or persons working with or for individuals or associations of individuals, build or complete houses to be occupied as homes by those individuals.

For more information visit the National Custom and Self Build Association.

Community Self-help Housing

This can be a form of Community Led Housing where empty properties are brought back into use while long terms decisions about their future are being made.

For more information visit the Self-help housing website.


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