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We are grateful to Rebecca and Louise for attending the Pewsey CLT meetings and value their help and support very highly

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Community Led Housing Process

There are 5 stages to the ‘total process’ of Community Led Housing, whatever model or delivery approach you are working with:

1. Group

The initial stage involves setting up a steering group and deciding on a clear purpose and goals for the project, as well as choosing a legal framework for the group and developing a business plan.

2. Site

The group will begin to investigate a suitable site for the project as well as considering a variety of factors which might impact the project including potential problems, overall costs and securing funding.

3. Plan

A planning application is made including detailed plans for the proposed homes, communal areas and gardens. A well-developed plan along with support from the local community will help when you reach the planning committee.

4. Build

Not every group will have the knowledge or skills to physically build the homes (although this is an option for those who do). Groups hire a contractor to complete the development work and others may partner with a housing association at this stage of the process.

5. Live

Congratulations! This is the final stage of the Community Led Housing process and the new homes are ready for people to live in. The homes now need to be managed and maintained and groups will need to develop plans, policies and processes to do this effectively.

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