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Getting started: Support for new groups

If you are thinking about being involved in the delivery of Community Led Housing, you will firstly need to form a group of people who are also keen to get involved.

The Homes of Our Own team can help you to determine your vision, aims and objectives – who your group are and what you want to do. The team can support you in:

  • Hosting events and recruiting new members;
  • Promoting groups, building their profiles through broad and diverse community engagement;
  • Help define the group’s vision and objectives;
  • Developing a communication and community engagement strategy;
  • Identifying the housing need in your area;
  • Exploring group structure options;
  • Considering the appropriate legal format for your group;
  • Formulating a business plan;
  • Support with producing key documents, policies and proceedures;
  • Identifying and applying for funding to set up your group;
  • Facilitating networking with established groups.

Get in touch with our team to find out how we could help you establish a new community-led housing group.


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