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Support for formed groups

If you have already formed a Community Led Housing organisation and would like support to make your ideas a reality, the Homes of Our Own team are keen to assist you.

Depending on where you are in the Community Led Housing process, the team can help and support you with:

  • Developing a communication and community engagement strategy;
  • Identifying and assessing potential sites;
  • Identifying and applying for funding for revenue and capital costs.
  • Identifying the housing need in your area through Rural Housing Needs Surveys and analysis of housing register data;
  • Help source suitable professional services throughout the process;
  • Facilitate strong partnerships with key stakeholders;
  • Provide advice on project planning and create project plans where needed;
  • Formulating a business plan;
  • Completing development appraisals and financial viability modelling;
  • Negotiating with the Local Authority;
  • Developing an allocations policy;
  • Considering tenure options;
  • Provide advice on long term management options of schemes.

No matter what stage you are at in the Community Led Housing process, our team can provide valuable advice and support to help formed groups achieve their housing goals.


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