Seend villagers view the final home plans

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Housing News

Villagers in Seend got a final chance to have their say on plans which will see new affordable homes built there, allowing people who were born and raised locally to have a chance of getting on the housing ladder.

Saturday 12th January 2020 saw an exhibition of the plans which are due to be submitted for 11 houses at Park Farm in a few weeks, after a two-year process. If approved the build is expected to be completed by 2021.

Chairman of the Community Land Trust which is running the project George Clarke said:

“We’re showing them to as many residents as possible. This is the last meeting so it’s a chance for them to see what we’re doing and we have listened to their feedback. We’re making sure there are footpaths, plenty of parking and that it blends in with the village.


“It is one of the first developments in Wiltshire to be low energy, which is called a passive house, so energy bills costing only £200 a year.


“Housing is out of reach for a lot of people and we’re an ageing population so we’re blocking the way for young people.


“We believe it will be a good environment and a nice place to live.”

Carol Vince who lives in Seend and is part of the Parish Council said:

“It has been quite exciting as people have listed feedback. They’re energy efficient which is great. A concern would be the public transport and the footpaths aren’t good. They should improve the infrastructure and not have people use cars all the time especially because of climate change.”

Nick Collinge-Cubberley, 38, who has recently moved to Seend, said:

“It’s a good development for the village. We have moved down here from up North to be nearer my family so the difficulty is, it’s very hard to purchase a house. Prices are so high especially in this village.”

His wife Melanie, 37, added:

“We’re pleased they’re taking on our opinions. We’re hoping to purchase the shared ownership build as it is affordable for us and we could stay in the village. We really want to keep our son at the local school and not have to move.”

Homes of our Own is working in partnership with the community land trust to help people build their homes. Homes of our Own is a partnership between Community First, Wiltshire Community Land Trust, Swindon Borough Council and Wiltshire Council, enabling communities to build affordable homes.

Reposted from Wiltshire Gazette and Herald (15th January 2020)

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