About Homes of Our Own

Homes of Our Own is the Community Led Housing Hub covering Wiltshire and Swindon. It is run by a Steering Group comprising Community First, Wiltshire Community Land Trust (WCLT), Wiltshire Council and Swindon Borough Council, with project managers based in Trowbridge and Devizes.

Homes of Our Own is a not for profit partnership that works within a wider national network of community-led housing hubs which are supported by Community Led Homes.

The Wiltshire and Swindon hub offers advice and support to communities to enable Community Led Housing to be developed. Support is available to assist with the work associated with establishing a Community Land Trust, or a community group, and to enable Community Led affordable housing projects. Support can be provided with finding funding or grant applications.  

Any Town or Parish Council, Neighbourhood Forum, Community Land Trust or qualifying community group can receive support from Homes of Our Own. In order to be a qualifying group, a community group must be, or willing to work to becoming an incorporated organisation established to further the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of people living, or wanting to live, in a particular area

If you would like to find out more about Community Led Housing or how we could help you, please get in touch with us:

Telephone: 01380 732801

Email: homesofourown@communityfirst.org.uk

Homes of Our Own are part of the Community Led Homes Enabler Hub Grants Programme. The Community Led Homes Enabler Hub Grants Programme aims to expand the network of specialist regional organisations helping groups of local people to develop their own community led housing solutions. The programme is funded by the Community Housing Fund from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG).

How we can help

Support for new groups

If you are thinking about being involved in the delivery of Community Led Housing, you will firstly need to form a group of people who are also keen to get involved.

The Homes of Our Own team can help you to determine your vision, aims and objectives – who your group are and what you want to do.

Group presentations

Presentations are a great way of delivering information to both professionals and communities. If you are interested in Community Led Housing and want to know more, the Homes of Our Own Team can present at community events and town and parish council meetings.

Homes of Our Own can also help groups to create and deliver effective presentations to ensure that your community is thoroughly consulted throughout the process of setting up your group as well as developing your project, right through to submitting your planning application.

Developing a plan

Once you have a group formed, you’ll need to think about what you want to achieve and how you are going to get there. Whether it be a communication and community engagement strategy, policies and procedures or a full business plan, the Homes of Our Own team can help and support you throughout the process.

Project meetings

In order to keep your project on track, to meet your aims and objectives, it’s important to hold regular board/steering group meetings. This helps you to keep focus and make sure that tasks are being completed on time.

Our Community Led Housing advisors can attend these meetings, along with public meetings related to Community Led Housing and provide the advice and information you need to be able to inform your group and your community.

Project funding

As with all projects, you will need funding to make it happen. There are various ways of generating funding for Community Led Housing projects and the Homes of Our Own Team can help you to both identify the sources and apply for the funding.

Identifying housing needs

Key to planning for your Community Led Housing project is identifying what the housing need is within your area. Whether this be through the completion of Rural Housing Needs Surveys or the analysis of housing register, self-build register and Help to Buy data, Homes of Our Own can help you to identify what types of homes need to be built and where.

Building links

The Homes of Our Own partnership enables the team to have built and continue to build strong links and relationships with key stakeholders in the Community Led Housing process. This includes the Local Planning Authority, town and parish councils, Housing Associations and also within communities. The team can help you to develop and manage the relationships necessary to make your project a success.

Promoting sites

In order to progress with a Community Led Housing project you’ll need to find a suitable site. The team can help you to identify sites and assess the suitability of them, in partnership with the Local Planning Authority, key professionals and through engagement with the community.

More Information

Get Started

Are you interested in exploring alternative solutions to housing need in your community? Get in touch with us today:

01380 732801


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